Garmin has an action cam you can shout at


Garmin has an action cam you can shout at

IFA 2016 is just about kicking off, and plenty of companies are getting the jump on the main event by announcing their own products as early as possible.

Garmin was one of the first out of the gate, with a brand new action camera. Now they might not be as well known in this space as someone like GoPro but Garmin has been releasing well regarded cameras for a few years now, as a pretty natural extension of their fitness tracking products.

The Virb Ultra 30 brings in ultra HD 4K resolution video along with a touchscreen and proper 3 axis stabilisation, something that GoPro hasn't introduced, though we're pretty sure its about to.

The stand out feature though is that this camera comes with voice controls. That right- when you're barelling down a mountain on your bike or about to take on a massive wave, you can just shout 'Ok Garming, start Recording Video' and it will hopefully do so.

It all sounds pretty slick, especially when you consider the competition which is out there right now. Just look at all the metrics it collects as well, making this perfect for the most demanding athletes.

This new camera is out today for around €500.

Garmin has an action cam you can shout at on
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