Garmin Launching New Range of GPS Enabled Watches


Garmin Launching New Range of GPS Enabled Watches
Forerunner can also track heart rate...

With all the smart watch talk seemingly focused on the top end of the market, Garmin has stepped in to make a play for the budget side of things with its new Forerunner range.The Forerunner series of watches features GPS tracking, as well as the ability for users to monitor their heart rate.

Aimed at fitness fanatics, the devices may not have all the bells and whistles of the more hi-tech devices beginning to emerge, but they feature everything a runner could need, while also offering a model that's water resistant to a depth of up to 50 metres, and featuring the ability to connect to heart rate or foot pod sensors, allowing the wearer to garner in-depth knowledge about their training sessions.

When running without the GPS enabled, the Forerunner series of watches will hold a charge for around five weeks, while up to eight hours is possible using GPS. Only UK pricing has been announced thus far, with the basic Forerunner 15 model available at £139, while bundling the device with a heart rate sensor will add another £30 to the price.

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