Get a fake cat to keep old folks company


Get a fake cat to keep old folks company

Hasbro is moving into a new market with Joy for All Pets. These furry friends are designed to be given to the elderly as a companion if they're feeling lonely.

Now let's be honest, the cats themselves look a little... tweaky.

But it's actually a lovely idea in some ways. The elderly are one of the most invisible groups in modern society and as they're sent away to care homes or left all but confined to their homes the chances of them becoming totally isolated are even higher. While human companionship is definitely preferable, having some kind of presence in the home is still an improvement and if they can get some comfort from a product like this then it certainly fills an important gap in the market.

The cats come in tabby, silver and creamy white and have sensors to react to your touch. They have realistic soft fur and cat-like movements and sound, as well as VibraPurr technology which does exactly what you expect it to. And these cats sleep a lot of the time, which is an accurate representation of feline life and a great way to save on battery power.

There's more information here, including videos and pricing - which is around $99.

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