GIPHY app brings all the GIFs to Android finally


GIPHY app brings all the GIFs to Android finally

In case you don't know, GIPHY is a website dedicated to providing you with the perfect GIF to illustrate your current mood.

Whether it's a cute cat being adorable or an epic fail that's hilarious every time it loops, GIPHY has you covered - so long as you're on desktop. Well not anymore, as the powers that be have finally seen fit to unleash their full GIFfy powers on Android.

The updated app gives you access to the full library of GIFs which are available on the main site, as well as a whole host of ways to share to services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and text message.

There are links to more services in the button down below the image and you can also just grab the url if you want to go somewhere less well travelled. If you're bored with the basic blandness of emoji and really have a hankering for something animated, this app has you covered.

An Android app is available right now on the Google Play Store.

GIPHY app brings all the GIFs to Android finally on
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