Gmail Android App Passes 1 Billion Downloads Mark


Gmail Android App Passes 1 Billion Downloads Mark
Now that's what you call impressive performance...

According to website Android Police, Google's Gmail Android app has been download by an astonishing ONE BILLION users from the Google Play Store, cementing the company's position as the world's largest web based email provider - as if that was ever in any doubt!

As impressive as a billion downloads would be on its own, the fact that these numbers are based on the amount of unique user accounts that have downloaded the app, rather than individual downloads, is simply jaw dropping, and points at the amount of users the Google Play Store attracts on a regular basis.

Obviously not all of those unique users will be completely unique, with many undoubtedly coming from duplicate accounts or from people who had abandoned their previous accounts and set up new ones, but those numbers are still hugely impressive.

The last figures Google made available relating to active Gmail users is around 425 million - however those numbers come from 2012, so the current figure is likely to be far, far higher given the increase in popularity of Android devices over the past 18 months.

To give you an idea of the kind of Android market penetration we're looking at here, Facebook's Android app has yet to reach the 1 billion download mark, and that's despite the social media giant regularly claiming in excess of a billion registered users.

It's not Google's only app success story either, as Google search and Google Maps are both currently hovering just short of the billion threshold, and should break it before year's end.

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