Google Accused of Holding Back Search Industry


Google Accused of Holding Back Search Industry
Lawsuit alleges illegal monopoly...

Internet and technology giant Google currently finds itself accused of creating and maintaining an illegal monopoly within the online search industry, stifling all attempts from competitors at innovation in the process. A lawsuit against the company was filed yesterday which makes the accusations, mainly centred around the company's purchase of Anrdoid, and also accuses it of artificially raising the prices of competitors' technology through financial support for its partners.

The suit, which was filed in Northern California and is attempting to get class action status, makes claims of shady agreements between Google and other companies, while adding in that the powerhouse has been attempting to impose certain restrictions of trade upon its partners.

It's unknown yet whether or not the lawsuit will get too far, but the accusations are certainly weighty. An excerpt from the filing reads:

As Google well knows, consumers do not know how to switch, nor will they go to the trouble of switching, the default search engine on their devices, so this practice is a highly effective means of ensuring that consumers will use Google search to conduct general Internet queries rather than one of its competitors' search products.

Google doesn't agree with the accusations that it's forcing users to use its search, however, offering a statement that claims users are free to use whichever search engines or email services they choose:

Anyone can use Android without Google and anyone can use Google without Android. Since Android's introduction, greater competition in smartphones has given consumers more choices at lower prices.

Major technology companies are no strangers to lawsuits such as these, and more often than not they tend to go away pretty painlessly, but we'll be keeping an eye on this one to see how it develops.

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