Google Allo is out- wants to be your new smart messenger


Google Allo is out- wants to be your new smart messenger

Google Allo is launching today on Android and iOS devices, and it wants to make messaging smart.

It's a mobile only texting app which is eventually going to replace Hangouts- because it has been about three seconds since Google rebooted one of its product lines and it was long overdue.

The difference with Allo is that it comes with a smart assistant. This has access to the vast amount of information which Google collects about you and tries to come up with ways to make your messaging slicker and smarter. That includes helping you to write replies, and learning your style over time.

There are extra stickers and ways to express yourself creatively, and then there's the new Google Assistant. With the tag @Google you can bring a bot into any chat to get extra info like finding a video or information about a restaurant. Or you can just chat to the assistant on your own...

This Google Assistant is going to be a major part of the ecosystem in the future as it turns up in more products and becomes a part of your daily life.

Allo sounds like it has something to add to the messaging mix, now we'll just have to see if people actually download it and get involved.

Get it on Android and iOS here.

Google Allo is out- wants to be your new smart messenger on
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