Google apps getting lower regional pricing


Google apps getting lower regional pricing

The Google Play store is tweaking its pricing in certain countries around the world. While the service initially required apps to cost at least 99 cents, that cost can be simply too much for some users.

So Google has taken steps to address this issue by lowering the minimum app cost. This was trialled in India initially, with apps going for as little as 10 Rupees (0.14 cents). Of course developers also have to opt in to decide if they want to give their apps a different cost in different regions.

According to the Android Developers Blog these are the countries which will have new minimum app costs:

Brazil: R$ 0.99
Chile: CLP $200.00
Colombia: COP$ 800.00
Hungary: Ft 125.00
Indonesia: Rp 3,000.00
Malaysia: RM 1.00
Mexico: MXN$ 5.00
Peru: S/. 0.99
Philippines: ₱15.00
Poland: zł1.79
Russia: руб 15.00
Saudi Arabia:﷼ 0.99
South Africa: R3.99
Thailand: ฿10.00
Turkey: ₺0.59
Ukraine: ₴5.00
Vietnam: ₫6,000

India remains the cheapest place to buy the apps locally, while the most expensive is still half the price of what countries without the limit have to pay, which is currently set at 99 cents.

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