Google Camera App Gets an Update - The Timer is Back!


Google Camera App Gets an Update - The Timer is Back!

A couple of weeks back, Google made their dedicated camera app available to all Android users. The stripped down app featured improved performance from its previous versions with a new streamlined interface.

And Google seems intent on keeping the app as up to date as possible, currently rolling out an update that adds new features and brings back one element that was missing from the initial version.

Now, you can choose different aspect ratios before shooting - maybe to add a widescreen feel to your landscape photos. Now obviously you could just do this with cropping after the fact but its possibly more useful for those who might intend on printing their photos without editing. Be warned though - depending on the aspect ratio you'll get a photo which is less than the full range of your camera sensor.

They've also added distorted lenses to the Panorama mode so you can add a fisheye or wide angle effect. We don't yet know what this is going to look like as its obviously generated via software.

And finally its great to hear that the countdown timer for photos has returned - with up to a 10 second delay. This is useful if you've got friends but if you don't (like us!) its also a great help when you're at an angle that makes it difficult to trip the shutter without shaking your hand. Just set up a short timer, get yourself in position and you'll have a shake free shot!

This update is being rolled out to Android users in the States right now. In Ireland our Nexus 4, which should get the update as early as possible, still hasn't got it but we'll update when it happens.

Did you get the new Google camera yet?

Google Camera App Gets an Update - The Timer is Back! on
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