Google Clocks Up 700k Self-Driven Miles


Google Clocks Up 700k Self-Driven Miles
Impressive statistics for Google's self-driving cars...

Google's autonomous self-driving cars has managed to clock up an impressive 700,000 miles (around 1.13 million kilometres) since they first took to the streets.

In a blog post, the company has lifted the lid on the latest progress being made as it seeks to perfect the driverless automobile. It says that the focus of the project has now shifted from simply developing a car that can drive itself in close to optimal situations, to crafting a vehicle that can master driving within busy cities.

The company has been testing its vehicles predominantly on the streets of Mountain View in California, and with so many different things for the on-board software to take into consideration while within bustling city streets, from pedestrians to careless drivers, the new testing has made the project a whole lot more detailed - but so far things have gone incredibly well.

To date, the only confirmed accident involving one of Google's self-driving cars came in August 2011, when a vehicle which was being used in manual mode by a human driver at the time, was involved in a collision. That's right, the only time one of these things has crashed has been when an actual person was in control... typical.

You can check out a clip of how the driverless cars fare on city streetsbelow...

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