Google Daydream shows how a keyboard works in VR


Google Daydream shows how a keyboard works in VR

Virtual Reality is slowly spreading out into Actual Reality, with the launch of the PlayStation VR the next step on the journey.

Naturally, Google is also getting in on that action with the lauch of a headset which will pair with their latest Pixel phones for a high fidelity VR solution called Daydream View. Now they've also released a new Daydream Keyboard, which gives us an idea of what it's going to be like to type using a headset.

The Daydream set itself will come with a neat little remote control and we're assuming that it does most of the actual selecting, with perhaps some head movement to speed up matters. Typing without a keyboard remains a bit of a pain, and this set up isn't going to change things in any significant way.

Of course there will be plenty of other ways to interact with elements of VR, including just saying what you want to search for in many instances as well as the pointer and looking around. Hopefully it doesn't end up being too clunkey, as companies like Google would like us to be spending a whole lot of time in these virtual worlds.

The Daydream headset will only work with compatible smartphones, including the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL and should cost around €80 - though it doesn't have an Irish release date yet.

Read about the app over here.

Google Daydream shows how a keyboard works in VR on
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