Google Duo is another go at video calling


Google Duo is another go at video calling

For such a huge company, Google doesn't have the best history when it comes to social networking.

Google+ is pretty much gone and while Hangouts is a decent app it doesn't have the user base of something like Facebook Messenger. So they're splitting their product lines again with an app called Duo.

It's intended to be a streamlined approach to video calling- just select a contact and you'll be connected. You can see who is calling with a knock knock feature that previews their face. Buttons are kept to a minimum and call quality is king.

They want to bring a real focus to the app, and that will appeal to those who are looking for calls across Android and iOS, so long as they discover the app in the first place. Will it work? That's anyone's guess.

Duo is rolling out around the world now. In Ireland we're getting a pre release screen right now on Google Play. We'll let you know when it updates.

Google Duo is another go at video calling on
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