Google Glass Components Cost Less than $80


Google Glass Components Cost Less than $80
That's quite a healthy profit margin...

Google's Glass might be one of the hottest technology items of the year, but how much does it actually cost Google to put one of the $1,500 devices together? Very little according to, which claims to have dismantled a unit and established a component price of around $80 - meaning Google would be making around $1,420 per device if true.

According to the website, the most expensive component found in Google Glass is the Texas Instruments processor, which costs just $13.96, while other components include a $5.66 camera, $8.18 16GB Toshibaflash memory unit, a battery costing $1.14 and the actual glass and touch screen, which is estimated to costaround $3.

So what has Google had to say about these allegations? Unsurprisingly, the company flat denied the estimates, saying that they were "absolutely wrong", but being unwilling to comment any further on the report.

We'll admit, $80 does seem a little cheap for components, and Google would most likely be better served selling the devices for a LOT less than $1,500 if that were actually the case, allowing thje company to dominate the wearable technology market and interest users who didn't want to spend a small fortune for what, essentially, amounts to little more than a fun gimmick for tech lovers.

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