Google Glass' future could be in danger


Google Glass' future could be in danger

The consumer version of Google Glass will not be widely available until 2015, according to new reports, but its future is already looking uncertain.

Doubt has been cast over the headset after Google co-founder Sergey Brin turned up at a Silicon Valley red-carpet event on Sunday without Glass adorning his face. He has sported Glass at similar functions for the past two years. Brin stated that he simply left them in the car, but his Glass-less appearance has been enough to kickstart speculation regarding Glass’ future.

What is clear is that developers are beginning to lose interest in the product. According to Reuters, who spoke with 16 Glass app makers, 9 of them have stopped work on their projects because of the lack of customers or limitations of the device. Meanwhile, three more have switched to developing for business customers. Twitter also backed away from its development for the device recently.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Nearly 100 apps exist on the official website, including ones from the likes of Facebook and OpenTable.

Google had hoped to start selling the consumer version of Glass by the end of this year, but that doesn’t look likely to happen. Glass is available in some countries via Google Play, but it should be noted that these are the current version of the headset rather than one tailored for consumers.

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