Google Improves iOS Now App


Google Improves iOS Now App
Notification updates take centre stage...

Google's Google Now app has received a pretty substantial update on iOS this week, with the company rolling out a new version featuring several changes to the way the app handles notificationsin a bid to establish the app as a staple for iPad and iPhone users.

While Google Now has been around for quite a while, it has so far failed to capture the imagination of users in the way that so many of the company's other mobile apps have, so progress has been relatively slow in comparison to the likes of Gmail or Google Maps, but with perseverance and a willingness to listen to user feedback, it's likely that things will continue to improve.

Unlike previous updates which were focused with streamlining the user experience through interface adjustments, and improving overall performance of the app, this latest update delves a little deeper into the overall workings of Google Now. The latest additions include some sweeping changes to the notification system, and users can now upt to be notified of newly released articles focusing on flagged topics, products or writers.

In a bid to go head to head with Siri, the app's voice search has also received a major overhaul, and it can now ask the user additional questions in a bid to find more useful information on certain subjects.

Google Search 4.0 is now available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

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