Google is bringing the internet to everyone with balloons - here's how!


Google is bringing the internet to everyone with balloons - here's how!

Google is a massive company with hundreds of major projects on the go at any one time, many of which we never even hear about and fewer still which actually make it to a final stage that become available for the public. But Project Loon is one that we really hope makes it.

Right now, close to 60% of the world has no access to the internet. And we're not just talking the odd dodgy 2G phone signal - this is billions of humans who have no way to even get a glimpse of the wealth of knowledge available in the wilds of the net. It effects areas of great poverty and also places that are extremely isolated but it seems insane in today's modern world. Google wants to change that. With balloons.

Project Loom is all about launching thousands of balloons into the atmosphere and using them to catch and carry data signals to every corner of the globe. They'll bounce information from satellites and to eachother to get to the most inaccessible points on the planet, with each balloon staying aloft for around 100 days and a massive operation tasked with monitoring them all and making sure the signal keeps going.

It's an amazing project, and one which could actually change the world for the better. Google kicked off early work on it in 2011 and made it public in 2013 and they've made major strides in the manufacturing of the balloons and conducted several successful tests in New Zealand and Brazil. Get a glimpse inside the project with this new video.

It's not going to happen overnight but you can keep up with the new developments in Loon right here.

Google is bringing the internet to everyone with balloons - here`s how! on
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