Google Lets You Trek Co. Clare With New Street View Options


Google Lets You Trek Co. Clare With New Street View Options

Google Street View is an amazing surface, allowing you to get incredibly detailed directions to your next location or even to let you explore a city you'll likely never visit. And the company is expanding that reach to map less populated areas via their Trekker Loan progamme.

Basically, you can head to this site toubmit your request to borrow the company's sophisticated mapping equipment. You'll have to fill out a form to prove that you've got a place that's worth visiting and then you'll get to trek with a giant backpack on which takes panorama pictures as you walk!

The pilot programme recently kicked off in 35 countries from Australia to the United States, giving interested parties the chance to put their local area or landmarks on the world stage. And one enterprising group has already done so for one of the most picturesque areas in Ireland.

TheClare Local Development Company spent 3 weeks taking 21 hours of footage across 46kms of terrain. The routes include the famed Cliffs of Moher trail and other popular spots in the area. You can click here to see the stunning scenery on the edge of the Atlantic, and get a glimpse of how other walkers on the trail reacted to the Google equipment!

They looked a bit like this.

Google Lets You Trek Co. Clare With New Street View Options on
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