Google Makes Search Smarter and More Chatty


Google Makes Search Smarter and More Chatty

Google constantly makes changes and tweaks to its software, and that's been a great boon to Android users in the past.

So while Siri and Cortana may have plenty of personality, Google Search not only has unrivalled search accuracy but the integration of other Google owned apps like Gmail makes means its also the smartest personal assistant around. And its about to get smarter.

Google has just rolled out an update which improves 'conversational search'. What that means for you and me is being able to give more complex, contextual commands which the software can figure out for itself. So you can just say 'OK Google' and then 'Will it Rain Today?' Without being any more specific, you'll get on screen info and a voice that will tell you the forecase and whether you're likely to get rained on. Although it can always happen in Ireland!

That's just one way the conversational search works and will also refer to previous searches to give you more information. And Google has also added OpenTable integration which can access listings for restaurants around the world. Just name a restaurant and a booking time and you should be able to reserve a table, though it doesn't seem to have rolled out in Ireland yet.

So talk to your phone and see what you can do together!

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