Google Nexus Lives! - Two New Handsets Could Arrive This Year!


Google Nexus Lives! - Two New Handsets Could Arrive This Year!

Google caused quite a stir with their Nexus range of phones - offering up low cost, high quality handsets which were designed to draw users into the Google fold.

And it worked, partly because the handsets were good but also because Google offered incentives - like fast hardware and immediate firmware updates - which earned them a cult like following around the halls of the internet. Which is why it was sad news indeed when it seemed like they were moving away from the Nexus brand in favour of the Android Silver series of phones.

But wait, we may have gotten ahead of ourselves. News has been filtering out about Motorola crafting a Nexus X for Google, a 5.9 inch device that would be almost an exact copy of the upcoming Moto S. And there's more, apparently a 5.2 inch variant is also in the offing, again from Motorola.

The deal, according to Phoneareana, is this - Motorola are working on the 5.2 inch model but want to wait to see how the 5.9 inch version does before they release it. If they decide not to go ahead with it for whatever reason, Google could step in and release their own 5.2 inch Nexus X-2, or whatever its going to be called.

So the Nexus X is looking like it might actually happen folks, we're guessing the Nexus 6 brand was claimed by some replicants or something.

Hopefully we'll have more from Google before the end of IFA, which runs until the 10th of September 2014.

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