Google Now on Tap lets you search images


Google Now on Tap lets you search images

Google has a whole mess of products and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. One new feature introduced in Android M is Now on Tap, and it just got even better.

If you have the latest version of Android you can press and hold the home button on any screen to have Google automatically search the page and give you handy answers. For example you could be reading an article about an actress and want to know more about them. Pressing Now on Tap would highlight her name and pop up images and other info at the touch of a button.

It sounds great and certainly worked to some degree but one of the issues was that you relied on Google automatically recognising the word string you wanted to search, something which was a bit hit and miss. Thankfully the latest update lets you specify what you want to search easily through Google.

So you'll be able to select the word by pressing and holding and then do the Now on Tap thing to get more info. It's also making it possible to press and hold on an image to get more information easily and integrating with the camera app for some really fancy footwork which might recognise what you're looking at.

Of course there's no guarantee that functionality will work but its a pretty cool idea and Google is dedicated to improving the search terms as much as possible. It's also absolutely taking note of everything you search but if that's a surprise - welcome to the digital age!

This update is rolling out worldwide now.

Google Now on Tap lets you search images on
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