Google Patents Contact Lens Cameras


Google Patents Contact Lens Cameras
Could this be the future of wearable technology?

Despite the fact that Google Glass still isn't available to the general public (although a limited amount of the devices will go on sale tomorrow exclusively to users resident in the United States), Google is forging ahead with its future plans for wearable technology, this time through the patenting of tiny contact lens cameras.

The patent application has been filed with the USPTO and covers contact lens embedded cameras and circuitry that could potentially be used to record video or snap photos covertly.

With concerns mounting regarding potential invasion of privacy through the use of Google Glass, the idea of contact lens based recording is unlikely to sit well with some, but Google insists in its application that the technology could be hugely beneficial to the medical industry, with the cameras helping those with vision issues, or even providing vision augmentation.

It has long been suggested that contact lenses are the way to go for future wearable technology, but technical limitations have so far prevented them from being a realistic way of serving up augmented reality displays and HUDs, so the fact that Google is taking the step of patenting its ideas is definitely an encouraging sign.

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