Google Pixel phones leak- colours and magic


Google Pixel phones leak- colours and magic

Google has a major event later on today where it will reveal the details of a new Pixel lineup of phones, but ahead of that the leaks just keep on coming.

The latest comes from Verizon in the States and reveals the specs we've seen before and also a listing for a feature called 'Google Magic.' The speculation is that this could be the new name for the suite of supported apps which will come with the Pixel, building on the integrated services you get from Google - Photos, Assistant, etc.

We also have confirmation of the colours which will be available at launch, and the names are pretty neat. Really Blue and Very Silver make for a nice antidote to the increasingly over the top naming conventions for colours, these are much more straightforward.

It seems like there's nothing left to leak at this point. The other question is whether folks will be interested in these phones- which don't seem to be launching with a single major standout feature. Even the low price point of the Nexus brand seems to have been dropped for the new Pixel range.

The event takes place at 5pm Irish time on the 4th of October, 2016 and you can watch it live streamed below.

Google Pixel phones leak- colours and magic on
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