Google Play Store is Now Bigger Than Apple App Store


Google Play Store is Now Bigger Than Apple App Store

In 2014, Google Play shot ahead of the Apple App Store for the first time.

A massive stat breakdown by appFiguresreveals that the total number of apps on Google Play topped out at 1.43 million in 2014, with Apple lagging behind with 1.21 million. That's a big difference and a sign of the massively increased popularity of Android powered handsets in recent years.

Of course there are factors at play, not least the fact that Apple has a limited number of handsets but practically every app will work with them, while the plethora of Android versions and phones out there might not always be compatible. It's also true that the vetting process on Google is far less rigorous, so it's simply easier to get a new app onto the service.

Still its an impressive achivements and the post goes on to show how developers are increasingly flocking to Android - with almost 400,000 active in 2014 (compared to Apples 280k). App growth in both services was robust, with Apple's biggest sellers being in the business category and Android's focussing more on games.

Really this is all good news for customers - not only do they now have more freedom of choice than ever for apps and services but there's a constant drive to ensure that the most popular and useful software arrives on both platforms as soon as possible.

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