Google Ranks the Countries Who Want the Internet to Forget the Most


Google Ranks the Countries Who Want the Internet to Forget the Most

The right to be forgotten law is a very new phenomenon, and one that could only be born from the kind of digital age we live in today.

Essentially, it supports the right of an individual to remove elements of his or her online history. Say for example you've shared some compromising (or just plain stupid) pictures of yourself on Facebook and you want to make sure they never show up in a search history through Google. People can contact Google directly to have them expunged from the results on that search engine.

It's a pretty complicated issue, and its been raising issues in terms of freedom of speech and especially in terms of removing the past deeds of criminals. But it also became law in mid 2014, and Google is currently working to enforce as many of the requests as possible.

The actual method of determining what content constitutes a threat to the future of a person is a complex and even subjective thing and Google released a letter recently which went into some of the details of the process.

Some stats were included in the piece, running from the 30th of May (when the first submissions were processed) to the 18th of July. In that time, 328,000 URLs removal requests were sent and they also went into the top 6 countries of origin. The first three, France, Germany and the UK make up almost half of the total amount in just this short period.

France - 17500 requests - 58000 URLs
Germany - 16500 requests - 57000 URLs
UK- 12000requests - 44000 URLs
Spain - 8000 requests - 27000 URLs
Italy- 7500 requests - 28000 URLs
Holland- 5500 requests - 21000 URLs

It's still not entirely clear how these laws are going to pan out in the future, in terms of how much we want to censor an incredible resource like the internet and in particular articles from sites like Wikipedia, but it's interesting to see the spread of requests.

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