Google Reportedly Introducing New Smartphone Range


Google Reportedly Introducing New Smartphone Range
Does this mean the end for Nexus?

The latest rumours from the mobile tech world are suggesting that Google could be set to replace its hugely succesful Nexus range and replace it with a brand new series of handsets, codenamed the Android Silver Project. UInlike the Nexus range, though, the reports are suggesting that this won't be a new cut-priced alternative to high-end smartphones, and will instead be an all-singing and all-dancing Android monster.

Fortunately for fans of the Nexus range, this probably means that Google will continue to offer Nexus devices for the foreseeable future, potentially including a new instalment in the handset series later this year, but ultimately there's a chance that it'll look to completely phase it out, instead focusing on delivering best in breed devices to smartphone users - even if that includes a higher price tag.

If the reports are to be believed, Google is willing to work with several different hardware manufacturers, and stipulates that it must be in full control of the system software, ensuring that no bloatware or overlays along the same lines as those found on Samsung and HTC devices are present. With both LG and Motorola already being mentioned as prime candidates for manufacturing the hardware, and Google reportedly pumping as much as $1 billion into the project, we could well see a major shift in the way smartphones are presented to consumers in the near future.

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