Google Set to Bring Wallet to Glass


Google Set to Bring Wallet to Glass
Payment to work through voice commands

Google Wallet could be making its way to Google Glass in the future according to a source close to the company. Unlike other Wallet-enabled devices however the system won't require the usual NFC handshake, but will instead be operated by user voice commands.

By telling the wearable technology to "send money" users will be able to pay for products or services at select compatible locations and outlets. The system is currently undergoing internal testing at the moment, but if that proves to be successful it could roll out sooner rather than later.

In order to keep users as safe as possible from potential fraud, or the interception of their payment details, it's likely that a new layer of security will need to be added to the service. In the ongoing tests, users must be signed into a computer that's connected to the company's home network, but since that's not a feasible solution in the real world, it's still unknown what the company's approach will be.

Google Glass is still not available commercially, however the company did put limited quantities on sale at $1,500 last month for a 24 hour period - a move which proved to be successful in increasing the hype surrounding the device.

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