Google to Launch Ara Modular Smartphone in January?


Google to Launch Ara Modular Smartphone in January?
Modular approach could change smartphones forever...

Google's potentially revolutionary Ara modular smartphone system could see a public release as early as January of next year, if reports are too be announced. Apparently the company has been spending a lot of time showing the system off to potential partners and developers this week, and the reception has been pretty good.

The much-vaunted Ara devices allow users to pick and choose the functionality of their smartphones by selecting which modules should be included, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. There hasn't been a huge amount of information as to how exactly the whole thing will work, but if it genuinely gives users the ability to tailor the entire smartphone experience to their own preferences then it has the potential to be something really special.

Imagine being able to simply upgrade your smartphones's RAM, processor, GPU or camera without the need for a whole new handset? That could well be what we're looking at, but before we get there there'll likely need to be some big changes made to Android to make it compatible with modular hardware, and there's going to be massive potential for compatibility issues across the various modules.

However, should it work, and we have very little reason to doubt that it will, it could change the face of the smartphone industry forever, potentially redefining the role of today's major handset manufacturers and reducing them to little more than component creators.

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