Google wants to make your Home smarter


Google wants to make your Home smarter

Google had a major conference yesterday to show of a whole range of new hardware, including two new Pixel smartphones, a VR headset and even a fancy router.

One of their most interesting devices was called Google Home, and it's all about making your house that bit smarter. It's basically a small unit which looks a bit like a vase featuring inbuilt speakers and microphones.

The idea is that you'll say 'Ok Google' to wake it up (like you can with your Android phone) and ask the Home to do things. That includes playing music from your Google Play library or Spotify and answering those niggling questions you have like just how far the Earth is away from the sun.

Home does other things too, like interacting with your smart devices to control the thermostat or lightbulbs. It will tell you about the weather and sports results, or read the top news headlines. A big advantage of using the Google eco-system is that you probably already have a lot of information stored with the service, so Google Assistant and Home can be made utterly personal to you- reminding you of upcoming events or giving you a heads up about traffic on your regular commute.

With the help of a Chromecast you'll even be able to sync with your TV to throw content its way- like playing out YouTube on the big screen or even saying you 'Watch Luke Cage on Netflix on the TV' - which you really should.

Early reports suggest the microphones work great at picking up your keywords, which is something Google in general has gotten much better at over the years, and the unit comes with a variety of different bases to suit your style.

The Google Home is available for pre order now in the States and will ship in early November. There's no release date yet in Ireland, sadly.

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