Google Wants Users to See Stars


Google Wants Users to See Stars
New bookmarking service on the way...

Google is reportedly working on a brand new bookmarking service that'll allow users to centralize their bookmarks,. share them with their friends and customize the way they're presented. Known as Stars, the service looks to be well underway in its development, but Google will have a lot to do to convince users that it's the way to go.

In the past few years the internet has seen huge changes in the way it's used by consumers. While bookmarks used to play an integral role in the way people browsed the net, that has since been replaced by the ability to search for information quickly and efficiently, essentially ruling out the need for users to rely on certain websites for their news, reviews or features.

That's something that Google is looking to address, with Stars allowing users to customize their bookmarking experience, potentially revitalizing interest in the archaic process. Offering users the ability to drag and drop their favourites, share them organize them into categories either automatically or manually, and have defunct or virus-ridden sites flagged and removed, as well as opening up the potential to share favourites with friends, could help make bookmarks fashionable once again.

In addition to simply bookmarking websites, it is thought that Google will attempt to tie in other elements including contacts or Google+ pages, which could create a whole new social sub-genre for online use.

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