Google's self-driving cars can now honk!


Google's self-driving cars can now honk!

Self driving cars are slowly inching closer to a reality, with a number of major companies around the world working on the technology.

One of the biggest is Google which has been testing self-driving cars in real life environments for months now. And now those cars are set to get a voice.

According to a new post, Google is teaching its fleet to honk in specific situations. Initially a sound was only heard inside the car when it sensed something was amiss, giving the on board engineers a chance to survey the land and figure out if the honk of justified.

From there, the cars learned when and where it was correct to use a honk, and whether shorter or longer noises might be needed. So if it spots another vehicle driving the wrong way down a one way street, it will probably signal a long and sustained noise.

Recently, the cars have been given a voice, but it's not going to be overused:

"Our goal is to teach our cars to honk like a patient, seasoned driver. As we become more experienced honkers, we hope our cars will also be able to predict how other drivers respond to a beep in different situations."

There's also a little info on the page about how they're still deciding what the fleet will sound like, given that electic vehicles make next to no noise. The exact audio hasn't been decided yet but now we know that when the robots do come to get us, it will be quietly in the night...

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