GoPro Hero 5 will have voice control


GoPro Hero 5 will have voice control

Alrighty so the GoPro Hero 5 is set to be revealed soon, or at least that's what all the leaks would suggest.

The latest suggests that the new action camera could be the first from the company with voice control. So you'll be able to scream into the air 'GOPRO START VIDEO!' and the dinky little camera will get to work.

You'll also be able to turn on the camera, add a highlight, take a photo, start a time lapse and power off the camera with your voice. An early glimpse at an incomplete version of the user manual also suggests that you can shout 'THAT WAS SICK' and it will also add a HiLight tag- which seems like it's only going to appeal to a certain demographic.

Some leaked images of a prototype make it look like there has been a redesign to a more matte black finish, and it might even be waterproof without a case (via Mirrorless Rumours).

It's both familiar and that little bit new, with a touchscreen on theback and currently no power button the front. We're also hearing that connectivity will change with a cloud syncing service for all footage and photos. Once your data has been backed up you'll be able to edit on the fly on desktop or mobile.

These additions sound like a positive step for the camera, which is said to have pretty similar specs overall to the previous Hero 4. Expect official news soon.

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