GoPro Hero4 Expected to Feature 4K Recording Capabilities


GoPro Hero4 Expected to Feature 4K Recording Capabilities
Capture the action in ultra HD...

There's potentially exciting news on the horizon for thrill seeking photographers and videographers, as it looks increasingly likely that the next generation of GoPro's Hero rugged camera line will feature 4K recording for the first time in the device's history.

Although the news has yet to be confirmed by GoPro themselves, the likelihood is that ultra HD will almost definitely be a feature thanks to the announcement that Ambarella, the manufacturer of the GoPro's processor in every iteration to date, has managed to cram 4K compatility into its latest A9 processor.

Given the close association between GoPro and Ambarella, the chances are that the A9 chip will find a home in the next GoPro gamera, providing 4K resolutions at 30 frames per second. The A9 chip also has the ability to record more traditional 1080 HD at 120 frames per second, so slow motion fans should be able to look forward to increased fidelity and control while shooting subjects.

The GoPro Hero4 will most likely be announced by the company at some stage this summer, if it opts to stay true to

GoPro Hero4 Expected to Feature 4K Recording Capabilities on
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