GoPro Karma is a game changing drone


GoPro Karma is a game changing drone

GoPro has been talking about their Karma drone for a good long while, and now it's finally here.

Back in 2015 the company first teased their entry into the world of drones, which seems like a great fit for the action camera specialists. Yesterday the unit was finally unveiled and it's looking like the drone to beat.

For one thing it's really neat and folds up and also comes with its own carrying case. The killer part of the package might just be the element that doesn't fly- the gimbal arm. While it's an essential part of the overall drone kit it can also be detached and used with your GoPro camera anywhere and everywhere as the Karma Grip.

That gives you superior stabilistion on the move, something which GoPro has never had before. Movements look impressively smooth and you'll be able to access all the camera controls right on the stick. Better still, you can charge your GoPro from the built in battery while you're shooting.

They've also worked really hard on making this one of the easiest drones in the world to control. That starts with the controller itself which is modelled on console gamepads and also features an intuitive touchscreen interface.

It's a pretty bulky device but it does include a lot of tech, including a live streaming video screen, GPS and a two hour battery life. GoPro has put together a full tutorial in the unit, and there's even a flight sim to get you up to speed.

This is all about making drones accessible to everyone. They can be intimidating units and GoPro wants to take away that barrier of entry, in the same way they have for action cameras.

The Karma launches at the end of October for 799 dollars. It should be noted that this doesn't include a camera (which makes the unit a bit useless) but any Hero 4 or Hero 5 cam can be used. Bundles will also be available including the Hero 5 Session and Hero 5 Black, starting at 999.

That's a lot of camera for under a grand.

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