Gorilla Glass 4 Will Make Your Smartphone Tougher Than Ever


Gorilla Glass 4 Will Make Your Smartphone Tougher Than Ever

Corning is a company you should know, they've been protecting your phone for years.

The company has been around since 1851 (yes really!) as a manufacturer of glass and ceramic objects, with its smartphone history beginning in earnest when Gorilla Glass became part of the first iPhone released in 2007. And that relationship has continued with Apple, while many other phone makers have come on board, looking for a screen protection solution that's thin, light and incredibly strong.

For Gorilla Glass 4, the company is promising to provide twice the protection of competing products and they've also set their sights on tackling not just minor scrapes and scratches but more significant damage. In fact, they say that in a direct fall face down onto a surface like concrete, their new Glass will help the phone to survive 80 percent of the time.

For anyone who has ever suffered the heartbreak of an entirely shattered screen after a major fall, this will be great news. Here's an illustrative video which we mainly love because it features the clumsiest lady ever.

Gorilla Glass 4 is already ready to ship out to customers and while we don't know which manufacturers will be using it yet, some of your favourite smartphones could be benefiting from it soon.

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