Grammy Awards have built in cameras this year


Grammy Awards have built in cameras this year

The Grammy Awards 2016 will be taking place on the 15th of February, and no doubt will be a glitzy affair in celebration of all things musical.

One big change this year is in the awards themselves, with the organisers deciding to add a tiny camera into the base of those that will be handed out on stage. These little cams will be live streaming footage out all evening, giving audiences a totally unique perspective on the biggest music night of the year.

It's a pretty crazy idea and one which will give them a huge amount of unique footage to play around with. It came about as a result of a large number of different factors and developments, as revealed by Fast Company. The cameras themselves are disassembled GoPros which have been tinkered with to send out their video via RF so that it can be picked up and rebroadcast. It's not know if there will be sound included as well but it's likely we'll see glimpses of the footage throughout the night.

The iconic Grammy awards still look pretty slick even with the tiny camera in the base but the winners will be pleased to know that they won't have to take a GoPro into their homes. The awards handed to winners on the night are merely stand ins, with a final machined and engraved version being sent out to winners at a later stage.

One big issue is that of battery life - anyone who owns a GoPro knows they don't last very long so presumably there's a USB port somewhere on the back where they will be left charging until the last possible moment, and the tech guys will be hoping and praying that at least some of the units make it through the three hour ceremony.

We'll have to wait and see how much footage is used, and whether this kind of access becomes a part of other awards shows in the future.

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