Half of All Apple Users Have Already Upgraded to iOS 8


Half of All Apple Users Have Already Upgraded to iOS 8

Almost half of Apple users are already on the brand new iOS 8, according to a survey on the companies developer site.

Those figures are actually correct as of the 21st of September so you can be sure it's added a few percent since then. For a software update which only launched a week ago (wednesday the 17th), that's an incredible take up and shows just how hungry Apple fans were for an update following the most recent hardware and software reveal.

It's also not really all that surprising, given the fact that everything Apple does is shouted about so massively across the world. New users picking up an iPhone 6 will also be part of these figures and the fact that there's a single eco system to work with certainly makes it easier for Apple.

The Verge presented a comparison with the update of various Android updates but the firmware on Android covers so many different phones and platforms, including a huge number of lower specced phones and tablets which aren't designed for the more recent updates that its no suprise KitKat doesn't have the same user base.

The Apple iPhone 6, complete with the very shiny new iOS 8, is available in Ireland from the 26th of September 2014.

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