Here are prices for all the Apple Watch designs


Here are prices for all the Apple Watch designs

Last night, Apple announced that the Apple Watch will be available to buy on April 24th. A few models will be available; here’s how much they will set you back.

The Apple Watch Sport will be the most budget-friendly option. It costs $349 for the 38mm size and $399 for the 42mm size. There are five colour options and ten models to choose from. The Apple Watch Sport has a rubber-like Sport band, an aluminium case, and Ion-X glass over the display.

If you prefer stainless steel, the cheapest Apple Watch version will set you back $549 for the 38mm and $599 for the 42mm size. It simply replaces the aluminium case with stainless steel and adds sapphire glass. The Sport Band is still the same, and available in a range of colours.

The Apple Watch with Classic Buckle is a more no-frills variant. The leather build is only available in black, and costs $649 for the 38mm size and $699 for the 42mm size. Apple said that it has been milled in a famous tannery in the Netherlands. The Classic Buckle will also be sold separately on the Apple Store for $149.

There are more frills to be found on the Apple Watch with Milanese Loop. It comes with a woven smooth stainless steel mesh and a magnetic, infinitely adjustable clasp. It matches the Classic Buckle’s price for both sizes, while the Milanese Loop costs $149 separately.

The Apple Watch with Leather Loop is an even more premium model, costing $700 for the 42mm watch size. It comes in a couple of different colours, and has magnets hidden in its leather loop. The Leather Loop will also be available as a standalone purchase for $149.

If a modern style is your thing, the Apple Watch with Modern Buckle may be to your liking. It has a top-grain leather band comes together with a two-piece magnetic closure that looks like one solid buckle. The Watch is only available in the smaller size with a $749 price tag. The band alone will set you back $249, making it the most expensive leather band available separately.

In the next price bracket is the Apple Watch with Link Bracelet, which will retail for $949 for the 38mm size and $999 for the 42mm size. The silver stainless steel colour option is the more reasonable, as the price jumps to $1,049 and $1,099 for the two sizes if you go for the space gray black stainless steel model. The Link Bracelet is available solo, but only in silver stainless steel. It will cost you more than the entry-level Apple Watch Sport.

If money is really no object, then it’s the Apple Watch Edition that may have caught your eye. The “low-end” variant of the Watch that’s made from 18-karat gold costs $10,000. For that sum, you can choose from the 38mm Apple Watch Editions with a rose gold case and White Sport Band, and the yellow gold case with a Black Sport Band. The 42mm versions of these cost $12,000.

And for the truly extravagant, the Apple Watch Edition in a 42mm yellow gold case with a Black Classic Buckle or 42mm yellow gold case with a Midnight Blue Classic Buckle retails for $15,000. Meanwhile, the 18-karat rose gold case and rose gray modern buckle, and the same case with a bright red modern buckle costs $17,000.

Time to start saving…The Apple Watch will be available on April 24th. Orders open on April 10th.

Here are prices for all the Apple Watch designs on
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