House of Cards Season 3 Spot - Tension on the Hill


House of Cards Season 3 Spot - Tension on the Hill

The first time I watched House of Cards I just couldn't get into it.I made a very simple mistake - I thought it was a show where the politics were the thing, focussing on the paper and policies which kept everyone so busy on the hill. Thankfully, I returned a few months later and realised my mistake - House of Cards is the story of what happens when one man doesn't get what he wants, and decides that he's going to make the world pay for the slight.From then on, I was hooked.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the show since it kicked off in 2013 will have been enjoying some of the finest drama around, complete with a blistering lead performance from Kevin Spacey that deserves to win every acting award around. And the third season is about to kick off, with Spacey Underwood in a position of supreme power. But that doesn't mean he's not effected by tension at home.

Here's the latest TV spot.

It's amazing how quickly we've come to accept Netflix original series as some of the best entertainment around. But it's really all down to House of Cards, the show that really proved the kind of quality which was possible, a show that was literally paid for by your monthly subscriptions.

We can't wait to see where it goes from here.

All 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 3 will be available to stream on Netflix on the 27th of February 2015.

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