How is Mobile Design Changing the Way We View Websites.


How is Mobile Design Changing the Way We View Websites.

In the age of the smartphone the way in which we access the internet has changed. It is claimed that 56% of people worldwide own a smartphone and 50% of phone owners use their phones as a primary internet source. As a result businesses in all sectors have had to adapt in order to create a website that isn’t going to look out of place on the latest portable device.

By not adapting to the change, websites can lose out on big business no matter which consumer market they are targeting. It is now said that more retail shopping is done through smartphones and tablets than ever before.

Below we take a look at some of the businesses that have got it right when it comes to adapting to the mobile world.


With the size of a smartphone screen being so small, YouTube has had to adapt in order to simply remain a usable site. There is no questioning YouTube’s popularity, but a large proportion of this will have come from mobile traffic.


Flickr is another great example of a website that cut back in order to be a simple to use mobile app. With photography being at the heart of this app, its ability to sync up to your camera and share your images at the click of a button makes Flickr a great example of a mobile site.


As the smartphone market grows so does the gaming industry. With this in mind Ladbrokes have developed their mobile site in order to make it as simple to use as possible. Using sidebars, swipe menus and by making sure nothing spills over the page, the site looks neat and compact.


It seems to be a rule that whatever Google does, it does it well and their website design for mobile devices is no exception. The design is true to Google in that it is very simple yet safisticated. Without cluttering the page, there is still the option to access all googles features such as Google Maps, Google Translate and Gmail. Also the command “OK Google” will also allow you to give instructions to Google by talking to it - a simple and yet genius design.


The world’s largest online retailer Amazon optimised its site for mobile users. Realising the need for efficiency in the e-retail sector, Amazon have made a simple version of their successful online site. This has allowed users to buy on the go, making for a bigger profit for Amazon and a simpler shopping experience for the customer.

By Paul Wolverson

How is Mobile Design Changing the Way We View Websites. on
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