HTC One M8 Finally Confirmed - Specs and Live Stream Here


HTC One M8 Finally Confirmed - Specs and Live Stream Here
The M8 is here!

The HTC One M8 has to be one of the most leaked phones in the history of leakage, with basically all of its specs confirmed before launch.

Well the live stream is happening right now, check out what they have to say over here. Though beware the company is having some problems with the stream.

The details that we've been expecting are all there - from the dual camera (which are all about representing depth, for some reason) and the durable metal body which was such a hallmark of last years model. We don't see any actual surprises here yet but the original phone was such a favourite with users that more of the same isn't really much of a problem.

So you'll get a 5 inch display at 1080x1920, another Ultrapixel camera, expandable memory and lots more. There's talk about the design in the presentation, which was certainly something which helped the HTC one stand apart from the crowd of other mobile phones.

The HTC One M8 will also come equipped with a 40 percent bigger battery which is a great thing to hear. And this combines with some new power saving features that can kick in when your battery drops below a certain percentage to really get the most out of the juice you have.

The HTC One M8 will be available in over 100 countries around the world and before the end of April in a few countries - Australia, Taiwan, UK, Germany, France, China, United States.

HTC One M8 Finally Confirmed - Specs and Live Stream Here on
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