HTC Vive release date set!


HTC Vive release date set!

We recently got the chance to experience the HTC Vive first hand, and it's an incredibly immersive experience that could well herald the future of how we engage with all kinds of digital content.

The headset is the result of a collaboration between tech folks HTC and Valve - the owners of software service Steam. And they've popped onto social media to explain some things - notably when we're going to be able to get hands on with a real, commercially available device.

The post comes in the wake of speculation that the Vive would be out before the end of 2015 and unfortunately that won't be the case. However, the VR headset will be getting another airing at a developer conference in Beijing on December 18th and will be getting an updated developer kit to launch in time for CES in January 2016.

Additionally, 7000 more developer kits will be made available to the people who need them in early 2016 and this will lead up to April 2016, when we'll be able to buy the HTC Vive for the first time. That's just over a year since it was first officially announced, and it has been really exciting to see the hardware grow and evolve since then.

Look for the HTC Vive in stores in April 2016.

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