HTC Will Stream New HTC One Launch Next Week


HTC Will Stream New HTC One Launch Next Week
Eager fans can get their first look online...

It's certainly fair to say that HTC is doing everything it can to hype the absolute hell out of its forthcoming HTC One 2014 model launch. The company will be holding multiple events across two different continents, and the handset itself will be available to purchase mere minutes after the initial presentation has ended - but in a bid to appeal to an even broarder audience, they'll also be streaming the event live online at

Currently playing host to a simple countdown timer, the website will bring full coverage of the events to those who aren't lucky enough to live close by.

It is expected that this new version of the hugely successful HTC One will feature a number of upgrades over its predecessor, and reportedly boasts specs including Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, a 5 inch TFT touch screen capable of full HD display, 2GB of RAM,a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdrawon 901 chipset running at 2.26GHz and a rear 16MP camera that should delight photo fanatics.

We'll bring you all the latest news from the events on Tuesday, so if you can't make it, or can't take the time out to check out the live stream, we've got you covered!

HTC Will Stream New HTC One Launch Next Week on
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