HTML5 Performance Race - iOS Besting Android


HTML5 Performance Race - iOS Besting Android
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HTML5 technologies are rapidly moving to the forefront on many sites and applications, especially with Apple forgoing full support of Adobe's Flash on its mobile devices. Now, a recent report indicatesApple's iOS platform renders HTML5 significantly speedier than its primary competitor on themobile platform... That's Android in case you live in a cave...

Games written in HTML5 technologies are among the most demanding, since smooth and fast performance areof the utmost importance. The new comparison in performance establishes at least one set of benchmarks for how the two most dynamic mobile platforms handle HTML5. this might spur a new performance race, andinfluence buying decisions as HTML5 becomes more prevalent.

The report, from mobile-gaming company Spaceport, rated the iPad 2 as the fastest device on the market for HTML5-based games. The company described its effort as the "first-ever report of the technology's performance on top smartphone and tablet platforms," and it focused on browsers that are included on mobile devices from the respective platforms.

The report found that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone was able to show 147 images moving simultaneously on the screen at 30 frames per second, a speed at which animation plays back relatively smoothly. But it was the only Android-based phone tested that could display the images while running at 30 fps. Apple's iPhone 4S could handle 252 images, while the iPad 2 juggled 327.

The Nexus runs Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, and iOS 5 was used on the Apple devices. In the tests, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which Samsung is touting as a competitor to the iPad, scored only 65.

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