Huawei launches internet of things operating system


Huawei launches internet of things operating system

Huawei is definitely a company to watch, becoming one of the major players in the smartphone market in just a few short years and starting to steal the thunder from rivals like Apple and Samsung.

The company may be making waves with its mobile division in recent years but it's also the largest telecoms tech maker in the world, providing networking equipment to big business in addition to the consumer side of their business.

And they've got a new venture in the works, targeting the burgeoning Internet of Things market.

This new tech space is all about making the things you use everyday smarter - like connected and controlled light bulbs and switches, home heating, washing machines, music systems and much more besides.

But instead of starting to create these products, Huawei has decided to work on bringing these systems together through software. They've just announced 'Lite OS' which is an all new operating system which will help internet connected objects to talk to one another and interact.

It's a smart move from the company, building on their networking strengths without having to move into entirely new fields like building home domestic appliances. It's not known yet when the OS will launch but with the importance of the internet of things and connected devices set to rise in the coming months and years, expect to hear a lot more about Lite OS in the near future.

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