Huawei Launching New Smartband - the 4.5G


Huawei Launching New Smartband - the 4.5G

Huawei still wants to make a big impact on the wearable market with their latest product the 4.5G Smartband.

The big news about the new wearable is its speed - more specifically the fact that it will be the first such device to suppot LTE-M, hence the 4.5G in the title. That basically means a blindingly fast data connection, faster than the current state of the art at 4G. The company is betting big on 4.5G technology, buying up Neul in 2014 which produces the LTE-M chip inside the new smartband.

Huawei unveiled this information about the new wearable at a press event in London and spent a lot of time talking about how this new tech will help to foster the growing Internet of Things revolution. They're also promising massive cellular data speeds, up to 100 times faster than regular 4G and the ability to control items like drones and virtual reality.

Right now, everything about Huawei's annoucement is pretty speculative. They didn't give even a glimpse of the new smartband, nor talk about any of its design features or how it might expand on what 2014's TalkBand managed to accomplish. If it does follow in those footsteps, it could feature an OLED screen and water resistance, though we're kind of hoping they ditch the optional earpiece or think of something a little more streamlined to do with the design.

Expect more news about the Huawei 4.5G Smartband at Mobile World Congress - running from the 2nd to the 5th of March 2015.

Huawei Launching New Smartband - the 4.5G on
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