Huawei wants to fix quickcharging


Huawei wants to fix quickcharging

In our very humble opinion, quickcharging is the best thing to happen to smartphones in years. Sure larger screens and fancier cameras are nice, but they're all pretty pointless if your phone runs out of juice whenever you need it most. So it makes a huge difference to be able to charge your phone for as little as 30 minutes and still get a great battery boost that will last you to your next charge point.

It's very impressive tech, but it also comes with a cost as it's likely reducing the overall lifespan of the battery. And in the case of phones where the cells aren't removeable, that could be a real problem. Thankfully, Huawei is on the case with a new lithium-ion battery which is designed to charge incredibly quickly without reducing the capacity or potential longevity of the battery.

These new batteries could charge to almost 50 percent in as little as five minutes - that would make a real difference to anyone's day. Here's some video evidence.

As you can see this solution currently requires the battery to be placed in a large external charger - something which again won't be suitable for all phones. But it's great to see the technology working in real life, and finally on batteries of a decent campacity which are clearly powering actual smartphones.

We'll have to wait and see how soon this will available to users.

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