Huawei's First Android Wear Watch is Quite the Looker


Huawei's First Android Wear Watch is Quite the Looker

Huawei has its sights set on world domination, so naturally its all over the wearable market.

It's latest product is the Huawei Watch - the first device from the company to sports Androir Wear. And its a smartwatch with some familar specs but its really the looks which stand out. Basically, its one of the few such items in the market which actually looks likea watch, complete with a metal surround, a fully circular display and (check it out Apple) a physical crown input button thing at the top right. It's made fom stainless steel, comes in black, silver and gold and measures just 42mm.

Also, apparently people go walking in snow in business suits with them.

You can attach any 18mm strap to the device (or use the one which comes in the box) for some extra accessorising. Inside, you'll find familar stuff like a heart rate monitor and sensors for fitness tracking. The screen measures 1.4 inches and is an AMOLED, putting this in line with the top of the range models currently available. Reports so far have said that it looks great in person, with very thin bezels compared to the first generation of Android wear devices.

The Huawei Watch is set for release in mid 2015 - more details over here.

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