IBM's Watson To Help Fight Brain Cancer


IBM's Watson To Help Fight Brain Cancer
IBM’s cloud computing system, Watson, is to aid New York Genome in researching and developing treatments for glioblastoma (the prevalent brain cancer in U.S. Adults, killing 13,000 each year).

Dr. Robert Darnell, New York Genome's president, CEO and scientific director stated yesterday,

"Time definitely is not on your side when you have glioblastoma and that's whereWatsoncomes in,"

The advantage of Watson is that as opposed to the usual sub-routines input into most computers, IBM’s system learns by ‘reading’ vast sums of data, correlating it with previous results to problem solve more effectively. So at New York Genome, Watson will be fed DNA sequences of glioblastoma patients, and he will combine this date with available clinical information to produce the optimal treatment for each patient.

That’s the idea anyway…

John Kelly, Senior VP and IBM Research Director,

"This is sort of big data on steroids… "This is the proverbial needle in the haystack and the haystack is enormous… Watson can do in seconds what would take people years. And we can get it down to a really personal level."

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