If your iPhone 7 home button fails Apple has a plan


If your iPhone 7 home button fails Apple has a plan

The iPhone 7 does something new with its home button. Rather than a physical input which moves when you touch it, this control is essentially a tiny touch pad with a fingerprint scanner included.

It's a little strange at first when you realise there's no movement in the pad but users are quickly getting their heads around it. But as a very important part of the system, what happens when it goes kaput?

As with many things Apple does, there's an elegant solution if you find that home area in need of repair. A user called iwayne at the Macrumour forum rebooted his iPhone 7 to find this message:

It seems the phone will try to detect if there's a problem and present an alternative way of accessing those features. Presumably that input is on the screen at all times, and the message probably pop up quite a bit but it does make the device useable while you look into getting repairs.

It's fair to assume that the fingerprint scanning won't work right on the screen though, but we're hearing that tech isn't far away.

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