If You're Having iOS 8 Issues Here's What Apple Suggests You Do!


If You're Having iOS 8 Issues Here's What Apple Suggests You Do!

On Wednesday, Apple users got a neat surprise, with iOS version 8.0.1 rolled out to their handsets. And it was certainly very surprising, as many users instantly lost TouchID functionality and, more importantly, their entire cellular connection.

Understandably, people were pretty upset and Apple responded by saying that they would have iOS 8.0.2 out as soon as possible, maybe even by the end of the week. But in the meantime they've listed the steps needed to get your phone back in working order - essentially you have to roll back to an older version of the firmware.

Here are the steps straight from Apple.

1. Make sure that you're using thelatest version of iTunes.
2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
3.Back up your iPhone in iTunes on your Mac or PC. iCloud backups won't restore to earlier versions, including iOS 8.0.
43.Download the file below that corresponds to your device:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus

5. Select the file you just downloaded by doing one of these in iTunes:
-Mac: Press the Option key and click Check for Update.
- Windows: Press the Shift key and click Check for Update.

6. Press Update to install iOS 8 on your iPhone.

After the update the Health app - which was one of the main focusses of 8.0.1 - will no longer work but that's a small price to pay to actually be able to, you know, make calls again. We'll have news on the next update as soon as possible.

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